13 societies you probably didn’t know existed at Soton

Yes these really do exist!

Your move to University will undoubtedly be dominated by thoughts of your new flatmates. However, these are not your only options for friends for the next three years.

If you’ve ever seen any American college movie you will know that societies are actually the backbone of your University experience. Was Pitch Perfect about the relationship between Beca and her weirdly passive-aggressive mute roommate? No. It was about her kick-ass time as Barden Bella (Because synchronised lady-dancing to a Mariah Carey chart-topper is not lame, people!)

University is the time to find your niche. Sure, you’ve got your subject societies and the usual sports teams but there are also a whole host of others to choose from. Despite popular misconception, SUSUtv and Surge are not the only societies within the union. And no, you don’t have to become a part of the ‘Union Clique’ to enjoy uni.

In fact, there are over 300 societies. So there really is something for everyone! We’ve dug out some of the most obscure ones below.


This is the biggest fundraising branch of Southampton University’s student union. Although not technically a society this is not one to be missed! From hitchhiking across the UK to Gorilla trekking through Uganda, Southampton RAG does it all! Who said fundraising had to be dull.

Guild of Change Ringers

They meet once a week to practice an ‘English art’ (No, not being a public embarrassment whilst drunk or turning tomato-red at the mere sight of sun) This society is all about church bell ringing. It is also the oldest society at the University- Founded in 1955!

Herpetological Society

For anyone not down with biology lingo, this society is about all things reptiles! So if you enjoy snakes, you will love this society (And also my ex- flatmate who stole my jeans. Bitch.) This is the perfect place to discover your inner David Attenborough.

Ultimate Frisbee

Fun and fast-paced, these guys take Frisbee to the next level.

Roundnet Spikeball Club

Surely the most out-of-the-box sports society at the University. I’m not entirely sure what this is. All I know is it that it involves a ball and a net. And their logo is a squid. What more could you want?

Human Powered Submarine Society

As the name would suggest, these guys design, build and test human powered submarines. They also compete at the International Submarine Races (I didn’t know they were a thing either) Cool, right?

Cocktail Society

This is the Real Ale and Cider Society’s classier cousin. For people who enjoy Made In Chelsea, avocado on toast and regularly go for brunch dates with their gal pals. A must for fans of Sex and the City- Head here to find the Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda to your Carrie.


Harry Potter fans unite! Not to be confused with hockey or other sports involving sticks. If you’re looking for a more exciting use for your football boots this is it! Do not be fooled though- It is a highly competitive and full contact sport! Not for mere muggles.

Self- Empowerment Society

Yes, this really is a thing.

Tea Society

If alcohol isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Whether you’re a camomile, peppermint or good old fashioned English-breakfast tea kinda gal the Tea Society has you covered. There’s nothing like a bourbon biscuit to help you bond with new friends.


Have you been perfecting your harmonies ever since Pitch Perfect hit our screens? Then join Southampton University’s answer to the Bardon Bella’s.


If you have a passion for hills and/ or walking then check out this society. You might then find some friends to make your life less dull. (Sidenote- I’m unsure why this society is in the Sports Development zone. In what universe is walking a sport?!)

Circus Society

Fairly self explanatory. If you’re into juggling this is the place for you. If you have a fear of clowns STAY WELL AWAY

If none of these float your boat, make sure you head down to the bun fight during fresher’s week to discover more!