Everything to do in your first semester of university

You’re only a fresher once

Get Steaming

This is basically the whole purpose of first year, right? Why limit yourself to getting drunk every night just during freshers, might as well just continue the trend right up until the Christmas break. Seriously, the work will never be easier than during the first semester of university, so make the most of it!

Get out, meet new people and create some memories that can cheer you up when you’re stuck in the library for the majority of third year. Lets be real here, you’re probably gonna miss that 9am lecture whether hungover or not so at least give yourself an actual excuse.

Get steaming

Join a society 

Perhaps the best thing you can do to meet new people during your first semester is to join a society. Want to burn off all that post freshers weight gain? Join a sports team. However, if even the thought of a light jog brings you out in cold sweats there are tons of non-sport related clubs for you to take part in. You’ll gain a whole new group of people to go out with, and it’ll provide a great reason to escape from your annoying flatmates for a few hours.

Throw a flat party

So by the end of freshers you’ll probably be done with clubbing for a while. That probably means its time to knuckle down and focus on the work right? Hell nah. Flat/house parties are seriously underrated in uni. Keep the party going as long as physically possible and save money on a taxi! So get the Aldi vodka in, create yourself a bumping playlist on Spotify and and stock the freezer with chicken nuggets. Sorted. Make sure to invite everyone in your block so there’s nobody left to complain about the noise.

Don’t always have to go out

Celebrate Christmas with the flatmates

Just because you’re not in uni for actual Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it here. Soon as November arrives its officially time for round the clock Christmas tunes. Take a squad trip to Poundland, get as much tinsel as you can physically carry and you’ve sorted the decorations. If you’re really doing it right you’ll need a group Christmas dinner. How many pigs in blankets are too many… 5, 10, 50? Only you can decide that.

Get creative with the Christmas decs

Learn how to reference

When it comes time to actually do some work, referencing will quickly become the actual bane of your life. It’s better to bite the bullet and learn how it works from the very start – you’ll thank yourself later. Or alternatively just get a referencing website to do it all for you, it’s truly a great time to be alive.

Wing an essay the night before its due

For all the lazy and unmotivated of you out there, this is a vital skill that you’ll need to work on to succeed in your later years of uni. Teach yourself how to bang out a decent essay in a night during first year and you’ll never have to sort out your Netflix addiction, winner.