£25k needed to set up ‘Paws for Thought Cat Cafe’ in Southampton

Is there anything more purrfect than cats and coffee?!

Emma Blythe, who looks after her own rescue cat Bree, is trying to raise £25k in order to set up "Paws for Thought Cat Cafe' in Southampton. After this feline-lover witnessed first hand the fun these cafes bring, she is determined to set one up in Southampton

The cafe would home around 10 cats, who would be free to roam around the cafe, mingling with customers downstairs, whilst also able to retire to their own home upstairs.

The definite location will be decided once Emma has raised the money, however it is likely to be in Southampton or Romsey.

The £25k that is being raised will be used to kit out the pet's homes so that they can relax by themselves if they don't feel like socialising with customers.

Once the cafe has opened, fundraisers will be hosted in order to raise money for local cat rescue centres.

As well as being a cafe where you can stroke and play with cats, 'Paws for Thought' will encourage customers to bring in pictures of their cats to share, including those who have passed away, as a way to reminisce about their previous feline friends.

In order to protect the cat's safety and well-being, it will be a booking-only cafe, to control the amount of people in the cafe at any one time.

Emma said, "It will be a place where you can come to relax, catch up with friends or just take an hour away from your busy day to enjoy a drink while being in the company of our beautiful rescue cats." Does it really get any better than that?!

If you agree and think that Southampton is definitely in need of a cat cafe you can donate here.