Thoughts every student has travelling Thailand

Maybe I’ll just drop out of university and live on a beach on Koh Tao

Why's everyone so friendly?

I'm used to dirty looks whilst walking across campus in my trackies, but in Thailand people approach me offering help, what's going on? As strange as it may seem, the Thai are not trying to scam you, most of them are genuinely just really friendly people.

I thought Tariq Manzils was cheap?

£7 for a curry, side and naan sounds amazing until you realise you can get an entire meal and a Chang for 150 Baht – that works out at about £3.50.

If only a tuk tuk could pick me up from Switch

Despite them ripping you off hugely, nothing is better than the wind blowing in your hair whilst utterly spangled, returning from Koh San Road.

Why doesn't the UK have 7elevens?

In what world is a toastie at 4am for 45 Baht not a good idea?

Can I take a dog or cat home?

There's so many kittens and dogs, surely they need a home?

If only they sold buckets in the SU

One bucket and you're done for the night for 200 Baht, any more and you're waking up on the beach with no memory of the night.

I'm sure I know how to ride a scooter

Despite never getting onto a scooter or motorbike, every traveller thinks its a good idea to rent a bike and drive it for the first time on Thai roads – which seem to lack any road signs or laws.

Why can't fruit shakes be sold on Portswood road?

Tastiest things ever.

I miss English tea and coffee

Lipton tea with dairy-free creamer? No thanks, I miss PG tips and real milk.

I've definitely found myself…

I mean have you even been to Thailand if you didn't find yourself and now own a pair of 'travelling pants'?