The ultimate Freshers’ Week guide for Solent first years

Go hard or go home

The freshers week is near approaching and what better way to dive into the world of higher education than to get absolutely steaming drunk with your new found friends and make memories you'll probably regret? If you're going to do freshers in Southampton, you have to do it the right way and here are my top tips to make the most of your freshers week – after all if you don't have a story to tell did you do it at all?

Group chats are your best friend

For the first few months the group chats are mental, lets be honest it'll probably end up on mute, but my advice? Take advantage of it. You're not alone, everyone wants to make friends and the group chat is a brilliant way of making them and finding your future drinking buds. I guarantee there will always be someone who is up for doing something – especially if it involves drinking.

Bite the bullet and give the Facebook group chat a message. Don't know where to start? Try, "pub?"

Tickets – a task in themselves

A lot of nightclubs tell you to purchase your tickets before the night and although tedious it really does save you money. A lot of people debate whether to buy the AAA pass for £55 but its something I recommend. As well as saving the hassle of having to buy every ticket separately, it also saves a lot of money on entry. (A trick of the trade, if you want a cheap night get to a club before 11pm.)

The AAA pass gives you free/reduced entry to the biggest events of the week into night clubs and has proved very popular in recent years.

But if you aren't wanting to go to the majority of nightclub events, perhaps the AAA pass isn't for you and therefore paying on the door even though more expensive on the night might work out cheaper in the long run.

But whatever you do, don't be one of those to keep the AAA wristband on for the whole year – it's not BoomTown!

Dates for the Diary.

Another tip is to know what is going on.

After all, you don't want to turn up covered in neon or glitter in front of Alex Beattie from Love Island do we?

Sunday 17th Sept– Moving In Party hosted by Love Island Alex Beattie

Monday 18th Sept– Full Moon Party @ Switch

Tuesday 19th Sept– Popworld & Orange Rooms

Wednesday 20th Sept– Student Therapy @ Oceana

Thursday 21st Sept– 90's & Orange Rooms

Friday 22nd Sept– Popworld & JUICED Southampton

Sunday 24th Sept- Freshers Rave Ft Sub Focus, Danny Howard, Patrick Nazemi + More

Monday 25th Sept- Cafe Parfait & 90's

Tuesday 26th Sept- Switch Southampton & Orange Rooms

Wednesday 27th Sept – Student Therapy

Thursday 28th Sept – Big Night Out

Friday 29th Sept- Popworld & JUICED Southampton

Sunday 1st Oct – Freshers Ball Ft Lethal Bizzle, Tom Zanetti, Jaguar Skills, FooR + More

The freshers fayre

Not everything is to do with drinking.

Don't forget to go to the freshers fayre as well. It's open all day so don't worry about turning up early.

It's great to see what the Societies have to offer and also a chance to get a lot of free pens and pencils.

Signing up doesn't mean you're bound to the society – if you try it and don't like it then just let them know it's not for you, but Societies are a great way to make friends and Sport Socials on a Wednesday in Oceana aren't too shabby either.

Me and my rowing girls!

Me and my rowing girls!

Don't worry about the FOMO

Everyone has FOMO (Fear of missing out) at some point. But sometimes a night in watching films with your flat mates eating a takeaway is just what the doctor ordered – and it gives your bank card a break too.

It'll give you a chance to get to know people without any vodka involved and will also give you a rest to help you recover from the freshers flu and lack of sleep.

Not having a hang over will also come in handy to explore Southampton – after all you'll be here for the next 3 years. Piece of advice? Get the number 6 bus to Royal Victoria Country Park – despite what you hear Southampton actually does have a beach… it's only a 30 minute bus journey away!

There is a beach after all!

There is a beach after all!

Last piece of advice…

… just enjoy it!

Freshers is a week with no responsibility and no shame. After all, if you don't have an embarrassing story, did freshers happen at all?

Everyone wants to die of embarrassment at one point in freshers – you aren't alone! And if you can't do it in freshers, when can you?

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