This is what you actually need to bring when you come to Soton

Don’t think you’ll wear those old t-shirts – you just won’t

This is the complete guide to the stuff you actually need to bring on your first day as a fresher. It will also include all the useless things you will bring on your mum's insistence that 'it will come in handy.'

The essentials


Perhaps an obvious statement however you must seize the opportunity of buying booze with your parents. At first your mum will be opposed to gearing up their child for uni but when the boxes of Peroni are on offer you'll be leaving with two. And when you arrive at your uni you'll be glad you've stocked up so you don't miss a thing!

the solution to many problems

the solution to many problems

An extension cable

Picture this: you arrive at your uni, full of excitement and anticipation, you meet some of your flatmates and you start hitting it off. You go up to your new clean room and begin unpacking. Nothing could spoil this day. Until you notice the room's plug sockets are on the other side of the room to your bed. It's a first world problem for sure, but a problem nonetheless so prepare with an extension cord.

A clothes rack

They're cheap as fuck, easy to store and instead of paying the stupidly over-priced tumble dryer fee at your halls' launderette this piece of kit will save you money! Along with this you will need to bring the fabric softener/liquid pods for your laundry as this is not provided.

uni launderette prices can be expensive

uni launderette prices can be expensive


Your halls aren't going to be the cleanest of places, especially the kitchen, so if you're a clean freak or simply someone who doesn't want to have to wash their feet every time they go into the kitchen take a pair of slippers.

Door hook/hangers

Surprisingly many uni halls don't provide these so the majority of students use their chair as a dumping ground for jackets and jumpers. But these are also cheap and make your life easier and your room appear cleaner

The things you won't need

Your entire wardrobe

The sin of over-packing is committed by more than just a few eager first years and even the best of us strangely believe we will start wearing our old clothes again at university. There's a reason they were at the back of the wardrobe with old stocking presents collecting dust. Put them back, you'll be fine.

A desk chair or chest of drawers

You should be fine without lugging this to your uni. This should all be covered and provided by your university so you don't need to buy any furniture when you're on that IKEA trip. This should apply to lamps as well but not every uni equips its freshers with this so check on your uni's website.

An iron, an ironing board, a hoover, a kettle

The same rules apply to these things. Although, if you like your tea and coffee, consider buying a decent kettle to replace the budget appliance the uni provides when it starts peppering your cup of Kenco with limescale. Which will happen at some point. By the way, this is another of the many first world problems you will encounter whilst at university.

The most important thing to take to uni

An open mind!

Go out to places you wouldn't normally see yourself in. Go out with people you wouldn't usually hang out with because these people are the best friends you will make and these spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment nights out tend to be the best ones you'll have.