Experts say 9am lectures should be banned, so catch me hitting the snooze button

Why haven’t they just been cancelled already

We’re nearly back at uni and you’re desperate to see your friends when everyone comes back. However, with the start of uni comes the dreaded fear of 9am lectures, well, we’ve got some good news for you.

According to researchers at The Open University, 9am lectures should be scrapped and no lectures should start any earlier than 11am, as working with researchers at the University of Nevada, experts found that academic performance was at it’s best in students between 11am and 9:30pm.

Paul Kelley, from The Open University even suggested that having to get up early might be linked to the rise in students’ mental health problems.

There’s a lot of research to suggest that maybe we should say goodbye to 9am lectures. For example, in 2009, Monkseaton High School took part in an experiment by delaying the school’s start times from 8:50am to 10:00am. It led to an increase in the percentage of pupils getting five good GCSEs from around 34 per cent to about 50 per cent. It is argued that the reason a later start time may be better for students is that in adolescence and early adulthood sleep times are shifted two to three hours later in the day.

However, there is also research to suggest that students should readjust their biological clocks to cope with early mornings by avoiding the lights from smartphones and laptops at night. Academics from Surrey University and Harvard Medical School argue that delaying school start times would simply cause most teenagers’ internal clocks to drift later, and in a matter of weeks they would find it just as hard to get out of bed.