The science behind breaking the seal

Why do I always need to pee?!

You're half an hour into pre's and you stand up to go for a wee, 'don't do it!' your friend says, 'don't break the seal!' But is there actually any truth behind the breaking of 'the seal'?

Urologist Dr. Stacy Loeb explained that alcohol is a diuretic (in simple terms, causes you to wee more), and moreover when drinking you tend to consume more liquid than you would in a night spent not drinking, meaning you need to use the toilet more.

Therefore, I think the myth that once you wee for the first time and 'break the seal' you won't be able to stop weeing all night is nothing but a myth. The simple fact is that alcohol inhibits the ADH hormone, whose job is to conserve water in the body by reducing it's loss in the urine. Thus, when you drink alcohol there is less of the ADH hormone, meaning the kidney doesn't absorb as much water and more water is in your urine, meaning there is more of it, hence you need the toilet more.

To pee or not to pee?

So, should we resist the temptation to 'break the seal', or do we give in to our bladder?

Urologist Stacy insists that it is important to pee whenever you feel the urge when you're drinking. She said, "As urologists, we have seen cases of bladder rupture due to someone falling down while intoxicated with an over-full bladder." Moreover, she explained that trying to fight the urge to wee is not good for your health and can increase risk of infection or kidney problems…maybe finding the nearest toilet can be better for you than you think!