WIN tickets to Southampton’s BIGGEST international garden party

The Soton Tab’s got four Fiesta Loca tickets up for grabs

Fiesta Loca is bringing the Latin summer to Southampton this weekend. From 4pm this Sunday, Sobar’s going tropical with cheap drinks and plenty of Sangria. The sunset party will feature 6 DJs across two rooms, and the Soton Tab is giving you the chance to get in on the action for free.

You’ll have the chance to dance to everything from Salsa and Rumba to Chart-toppers and Reggaeton. There’s free flag stickers so you can represent your home country, and get involved in the international spirit. Inside, DJ Chris Lombardi – from Venezuela – will be playing a set of your favourite Bachata and Merengue tunes, followed by DJ Galaxy – from Brixton – playing all the best Kizomba and R&B. In the garden, DJ Junior Spencer and Jay Miguel will be blasting the latest Latin and Brazilian beats with all the hottest remixes.

Represent your home nation with free flag stickers!

Fiesta Loca is inviting students who hail from all over the world to come together and celebrate their cultures in true Sobar and Orange Rooms style. Bring your friends and housemates to listen to your favourite Brazilian Funk, Semba and Afro House tracks. After the garden party winds up at 10:30pm, it’s off to Orange Rooms for the free afterparty, to dance until the early hours and enjoy some of their signature cocktails.

Promoter Reiss told us, ‘I think it’s really important that international students have parties where they can embrace and celebrate their cultures – but to be honest it’s more about the experience! International nights are always fun and you don’t need to be an international to have an amazing time.’

Beat the pre-exam blues and soak up some international summer sunshine. Grab your tickets here, or see our Facebook page for details on how to win.