So, where the hell did this snap election come from?

A few theories on what the hell our PM was playing at.

Everyone loves a few crazy conspiracy theories, so here I’ll try and put myself into the PM’s leather trousers and consider her reasons for calling for a general election on June 8th 2017.

Theory 1: To prove the country loves her

Ok, so the other parties are hardly in a position for a general election: Corbyn’s own party hate him, my entire generation still revile the Lib-dems over tuition-fees gate, and who is even in charge of the Green party? Although Britain and our neighbours across the pond seem to be prone to making very random and odd political decisions lately (TRUMP! BREXIT! TRUMP!), it seems to be that Conservative are in a sure-fire position to win if the re-election goes ahead. Not only did they win a majority vote just under two years ago, but no other party that seems to have any particularly realistic and bold ideas over what to do with Brexit, and we’ve only just finally got Article 50 passed at long last and negotiations have just started – nobody really wants anymore change at the moment and are, frankly, sick to death of politics. So the most likely reason for this, is for the PM to reinforce that although she stepped in to replace Cameron, she deserves her spot in Downing Street on her own merits: maybe this election is more to boost her self-esteem than it is to change the country.

Theory 2: To pacify Sturgeon

The last time there was a big political event like this was when, for a brief moment, we thought that Scotland were going to have another independence referendum until the PM unceremoniously, and rather awkwardly, shut it down. Sturgeon, however, seems pretty determined for something to change and for Scotland’s voice to be heard: something she felt the Brexit outcome lacked after the Scottish ‘in’ majority failed to sway the overall result. May has made it pretty clear that she wants Britain to stay united, so this could be a tactical measure to give Scotland the opportunity to make their voice heard without going to the drastic measure of the country becoming only a 3 biscuit Kit-Kat.

Theory 3: Because the wellbeing of the country is the Prime Minister’s highest concern and she wants the British public to be assured, confident and happy in her leadership.

Hahahahahahahahahah. Nope. This is politics. Nothing is that simple and selfless. It would be very lovely if this were the case, but the sheer randomness of this decision shows that, definitively, it is not a response to any public sway. The only thing we are united in is a feeling of ‘What the hell?’…

So, what do we do now?

As the British have always done, we should make the best of the bizarre situation we have ended up in. Read the manifesto of each party, consider specifically what they aim to get out (no pun intended) of the Brexit negotiations and exercise our vote. With people like Trump starting World War III we might not have democracy this time next year, so we should exercise it whilst we still can.