All dressed up, nowhere to twerk

After much controversy surrounding the location and line up, it has been announced that this year’s graduation ball has been cancelled.

In a recent Tab survey, it was found that 85% of respondents were not happy with  the venue, which was meant to be at the Union. A whopping 86% of people were not impressed with the musical acts lined up. Moreover, 79% of people said they were not happy with the price of the ticket (which was £35).

Thereby, the Union have decided to halt any Graduation ball plans for the time being.

It probs wasn’t going to be this lit anyway

Last year’s graduation ball was held at Guildhall Square, where tickets were priced more expensively, at £50 a go. This news will undoubtedly upset and anger many students who are graduating this year. Sadly, instead of a night of bow ties and heels, graduates may have to deal with jester’s shoes and a half-eaten Chick-o-land. Or even maybe one last Manzil’s?


Happy April Fools 🙂

The Tab Soton