Drunk girls you are bound to bump into in Soton

You’re guaranteed to bump into at least one of these types of girls.

The girl throwing up from one too many Jäger Bombs in Oceana 

Whether it’s because you’re trying to impress people, or simply because you’re so pissed that you think another one is a good idea, that final Jäger bomb just did not agree with your stomach. You’re going to spend the rest of your night hunched over a toilet, or staring into the bottom of a sick bucket.

The girl who has blacked out after her fifth Jesticle

We all know someone who seems to lack any memory of nights out. They sometimes even wake up in a random bed.  They have no recollection of leaving the club, getting into a taxi, or getting into bed. Sometimes it is impressive that they’ve managed to wipe any memory of downing a Jesticle and running into the lads toilet.

The generous girl buying a round of quad vods in Sobar

No money? No problem! This girl whips her card out at any opportunity to buy a round of drinks.  It’s great if you’re friends with her, however, she probably dreads looking at her bank account every morning after a night out.

The rowdy girl, yelling about the queue for Switch on a Friday

The second this girl is sufficiently drunk, she cannot control her anger. She’s an embarrassment to her friends, as she fails to understand concept of queuing and insults the bouncers at every opportunity about how long she’s standing in the cold for – prepare to not be allowed in!

The girl falling asleep in Tariq Manzils

It’s been a long night, she doesn’t really like curry, and the sofas are comfy. So, why not seize the opportunity to nap before she has to get up five hours later for a 9am.

The girl crying because she’s lost her third key in Cafe Parfait

Some girls seem completely incapable of keeping hold of anything they take on a night out – especially keys.

The girl spending the rest of her night in Charcoal Grill

When she’s got the munchies, the only thing that will suffice is a large doner kebab and cheesy chips from charcoal grill – or just the closest kebab shop.

The girl that never makes it past pres in the flat

Taking her out would be dangerous considering she’s reached a point where her whole body is floppy and her words seem to be in a different language – we’ve all been there.