Candidates Revealed For Union Election 2017

It has been officially revealed who the candidates are running in the Union Election for both Full-Time Officer and Student Leader Roles.

It’s that time of year again people! Union Election has kicked off and boy is it interesting. It has been revealed today who is standing for Full-Time officer roles and Student Leader roles.

With only 17 candidates running for the Full-Time officer positions and 34 for the Student Leader roles, these numbers are fewer than previous years (56 last year). However, there is only 2 uncontested Full-Time officer positions this year.

** All candidates will run against RON (Re-Open Nomination) **

So here is the full list!


Full-Time Officers:

VP Sports Development:

  • Benjamin Parker
  • Stephen Gore

VP Democracy and Creative Industries:

  • Amelia Ng
  • Evie Reilly
  • Greg Williams

VP Welfare:

  • Leyla Elsey
  • Liam St Denis
  • Sam Higman

VP Education:

  • Samuel Dedman

VP Student Communities:

  • Arun Aggarwal

VP Engagement:

  • Dan Varley
  • Thomas Gravatt

Union President:

  • Alex Hovden
  • Flora Noble
  • Henry Lane
  • Kirby Leo Field Moore
  • Simon Pinney


Student Leaders:

Wessex Scene Editor:

  • Freya Millard
  • Natasha Dennington

Ethical and Environmental Officer:

  • Ellis Murrell
  • James Lawson

Halls Officer:

  • Emily Dawes
  • Rupert Molyneux
  • Tess Voysey

Health Sciences Faculty Officer:

  • Rebecca Thomsen

Humanities Faculty Officer:

  • Petra Jones

International Students’ Officer:

  • Haris Constantinou
  • Jessica Gildemann
  • Mehmet Karaoglan

Medical Society President:

  • Michael Carvill
  • Vikash Dodhia

Medicine Faculty Officer:

  • Anna Halstead

Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer:

  • Giles Howard

RAG President:

  • Charlotte Morris

Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences Faculty Officer:

  • Adrian Li
  • Haris Constantinou
  • Subrit Thapa

Student Enterprise Officer:

  • Indraneel Gunturi

Student Trustee:

  • Hadeeka Taj
  • Haris Constantinou
  • Rebecca James

Surge Radio Station Manager:

  • Brandon Mulliner
  • Xavier Voigt-Hill

SUSUtv Station Manager:

  • Danny Rickard

The Edge Editor:

  • George Seabrook
  • James Barker

Union Films Cinema Manager:

  • Colm Appleby Kenny
  • Max Hayman

Wellbeing Officer

  • Isabella Camilleri
  • Laura Barr

WSA Academic Officer:

  • Catalina Russell