It’s sexual consent awareness week!

We caught up with the people behind Southampton’s first ever SCA week

This week is Southampton’s first ever sexual consent awareness week. We caught up with one of the people who got the ball rolling, final year student Arun Aggarwal who, along with Lii Mohammed and Greg Williams, has been involved with the project since the very beginning.

How did the idea come about?

Greg, Lii and I were helping out over Freshers, and we’ve all separately heard of things happening over our time in Southampton, and from that we decided that this isn’t acceptable. It shouldn’t happen, and we’re very well placed to try and do something about it. Soo within a day or something, we had the groundwork laid out, and as we chatted to people, we realised that random groupings of students had the same thought process as us, and wanted to be active, but weren’t really sure how to
 Literally, what started with a handful of people exploded to like 60 people getting involved. If anyone after reading the article, or the SCA week wants to get involved, there are loads of opportunities to be able to make a change.

What are you guys hoping to achieve?

Well I can’t speak for the other guys, but I think we just wanted awareness to be raised – it’s not something that’s very prevalent in Southampton but it happens, and it’s horrible, and if we can help someone who’s suffered through it, or start paving the way for it to stop altogether, I think that would be amazing. Also, I think the point of it being student led, from the bottom up will hopefully mean that it persists, and doesn’t fade when we go. It’s good for other students who don’t do a lot with the Union or Uni as Greg, Lii and I do, to get involved and run something like this, as it’s so fresh and is (dare I say) one of the most engaged things I’ve seen the Union do this year

What’s going on this week?


A sexual consent tree will be set up in the Students’ union reception today, asking students how they define consent – and using some of the responses from the Soton Tab’s sexual consent survey. This will be followed with information on how to get home safely – with the Radio Taxis student scheme and info about the union safety bus. At 10pm, SCA takes over Orange Rooms, Tokyo and 90 degrees for a traffic light sticker party.


Sexpression will be on social media, giving out accurate facts about sexual consent, and there’s a consent and sexual violence workshop on campus.


There’s a screening of the Hunting Ground at Union films, followed by some great tunes in Sexual Consent Awareness karaoke at the Stag’s, raising money for charity.


On Friday afternoon, there’s performing arts and dance showcases on the Redbrick. Sobar again plays host to all things SCA for a night of revelry!