World-renowned nightclub Sankey’s could be coming to Southampton

A new nightclub could boost Southampton’s night life

Sankey’s could be bringing its multi-million pound club to Southampton.

If there is enough support from the public this elite club could be opening its door in our city.

Sankey’s first opened in Manchester in June 1994, and now has venues in Ibiza, Tokyo, London and Essex.

The #DoYouWannaSankeys campaign revealed new expansion and relaunch plans for multiple sites across the U.K.

A spokesperson for Sankey’s has said:“We have had an amazing response for plans for us to come to Southampton, who love music as much as we do and hope to be working with them for everyone benefit.”

Chairman of The Night Time Industries association, Alan Miller, hopes that plans to launch a Sankey’s would be a ‘big boost’ for Southampton’s nightlife.

The Southampton plans should be decided by the company bosses by the end of February.