Re-launched Juiced at Switch

You may have been wondering what all the hype about Juiced at Switch is about.


Juiced has upped it’s ante

This is the perfect Feburary pick-me-up to soothe those January blues. Juice has re-launched after those miserable January exams with the addition of cool, new weekly features.

So here is what to expect at the Juiced funfair.

Get that Friyay feeling at Switch with its offer of outrageous clubbing with the treats of free candy-floss and popcorn plus

Juiced podium dancers and performers

This also includes stilt walkers, a resident magician, and angle grinders

Ball pit and bouncy castle

Because who doesn’t love getting turnt up

Confetti drops

Also dropped are loads of prizes for people to catch

Each week has wavy themes, such as ‘win your height in beer and wine’. Yes please.

Also the promise of cheap bevs makes the night even more magical. £1.50 singles, JBombs, Bukanna sambuca, Feigling fruit liquors,  Carlsberg and K2s (doubles £2.50) all night long.

Entry is also cheap, £3 on guest list before 11, if not £$ guest list or £5 non-guest. So get your name on the list here.