Café Parfait director suggests armed robbery was ‘likely someone we know’

The robbers were armed with a crowbar, a mallet and a knife.

On Sunday evening, Café Parfait was the victim of a robbery by three males. This came just hours before the club was due to open for its New Years Day event. Despite the theft, the club insisted that their event would go ahead.

The venue has since released CCTV footage of the men. In it, the trio appear heavily armed with a crowbar, mallet and a knife. Café Parfait staff attempted to chase down the thieves. Luckily no one was injured. A spokesman for the club has expressed  it ‘could have been so much worse’.


The robbers were seen carrying weapons in CCTV footage

The Café Parfait director also revealed on Facebook that the trio “knew exactly where everything was and how to get to it”. He went on to suggest it was therefore “likely someone we know”. Club doors and fire exit were damaged during the break-in. The thieves took all the Cafe Parfait takings from the New Year’s weekend.

The club have issued an urgent appeal on their Facebook page. They are urging anyone who has any information about the individuals to contact the police on 101.