Given your current situation, if you could be a sandwich, what would you be and why?

I text my friends/family this random question and here are the best replies…

The year is becoming stressful, deadlines, christmas present shopping and lots of drinking… I wanted to take the time to ask my friends a weird question at this weird time, and here are some answers!

So, the question in question….

‘Given your current situation, if you could be a sandwich, what would you be and why?’

This question, much like a sandwich, has many layers and is open to interpretation. Below I have selected the best answers for you to chuckle at inbetween all that studying you should or could be doing.

Without further ado, what does your sandwich say about you?



Gobble gobble.

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Winter snuggles

Yes, its all about the comfort here, I know who’s getting a Facebook message when i need a cuddle.

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The ones who need snuggling

Oh you guys, it can’t be that bad can it? Now I’m a SADwich.

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The strange and exotic

Mouth watering flavours and wacky combinations, whatever tickles your pickle!


I’m drunk

Who doesn’t love a sandwich after a sesh?



You either love me or hate me….

The feisty ones on my friend list. I like the attitude



And finally, the mum who asks too many questions


So there we have it, a collection of moods and a collection of sandwiches. So now I will leave the question open to you….

‘Given your current situation, if you could be a sandwich what would you be and why?’

I look forward to hearing what you got, tweet me in your answers at @sotontab

Until next time…

p.s Thank you to all my friends for answering this!