How to stay warm in a student house without using the heating

I don’t care if it’s -10° outside, that boiler is not going on

Okay let’s get the cliché meme out the way – winter is coming! There, are you happy now?

It has gotten a lot colder over the past few weeks. The scarfs are on, my breath is visible and hot chocolates are selling left, right and centre.

Winter is upon us and with it comes the joys of regular rubbish British weather amplified tenfold.

The mighty wrath of rain and wind knows no mercy and it will get you whether you like it or not.

Everyone is doing whatever they can to wrap up warm in order to survive the next few months.

However, one thing that will inevitably cause arguments in any student house is the dreaded issue of heating.

One housemate will fight to the death to turn it on because being cold for a second will kill them. Whilst another will risk life and limb to keep it turned off because if the cost of bills rises by just 1p they won’t be able to eat for a month.

Thank you Mr. Boiler, I really appreciate having no money

But have no fear brave warriors of winter, for we have for you a few simple tips to help keep yourself warm without turning the boiler on.

Warning, some of these are going to be so unbelievably obvious. But you’d be surprised how many people forget about them.

Layers, lots and lots of layers

Just put some more clothes on.

Grab a sweater, a jumper or even a god damn onesie if you have to, just wear more layers.

If you dare complain about it being to cold whilst sitting in a t-shirt and shorts I can not be held accountable for my reaction.

It is incredible simple, but we all know that one person who complains about the cold whilst wearing summer clothing.

Blanket/hot water bottle

We are going to include these two as one simple tip because once again it is really not worth going into too much detail over this.

If you are sitting at your desk or lying in bed and it’s too cold for you, then wrap yourself up with a nice, thick, woolly blanket or go have a cuddle with a hot water bottle.

These two things were invented for a reason and, surprise surprise, when you use them for their intended purpose they work. Now can you believe that?

So soft, so warm. Thank you blanket you little hero

Stand in the kitchen for 10 minutes

The kitchen should be the hottest room in any student house.

It’s where the cooking is done and your housemates will spend a lot of time in there every day. This generates a lot of heat within the four walls of the kitchen and makes it the warmest area to be in.

So, if you find yourself freezing to death in your room, go spend 5-10 minutes in the kitchen.

Get some food, have a drink, do the dishes. The time spent warming up in there will keep you warm for a good hour or two.

Shut every internal door

Keeping doors open does two things.

One, it allows air to circulate throughout the house and two, it allows air to circulate throughout the house.

During the summer, having that circulation is amazing. It keeps the house fresh, cool and comfortable.

However, come winter the only air flowing through the corridors and doorways is cold, bitter air and it makes the whole house cold.

So, don’t leave doors open. This especially applies to the kitchen doors, otherwise you will negate everything we said above about the kitchen being warm.

CLOSED! Keep these shut at all times, it’s better that way.

Double duvet

Finally, this rule works best at night.

Stuff your bed covers with a second duvet to give yourself extra layers to lie under whilst you sleep.

It is warm, comfortable and it has an added benefit in the summer. Because you become accustomed to two sheets being the norm over winter and early spring, come the hot months of summer you just take one sheet out.

It’s a win, win really.