Junk has license reinstated at the cost of 200k

Junk and Fabric are back

Junk club has been left in £200k worth of debt following a legal battle to have its license reinstated.

An incident, that took place in January earlier this year, involved four men in a stabbing dissension close to the venue.

Two of the men involved in this incident had recently left the club. A license review over the following months saw many restrictions implemented such as reductions of the club’s opening times.


Fabric, a London night club, has been involved in a massive legal battle and today it was confirmed that they too will re-open.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan wrote this statement in regard to the re-opening of Fabric: “Over the past eight years, London has lost 50 percent of its nightclubs and 40 percent of its live music venues. This decline must stop if London is to retain its status as a 24-hour city with a world-class nightlife.”

The closures of both of these clubs were heavily publicised as they were robbing cities of culture and diversity in the nightlife sector.

Junk, often referred to as the Fabric of Southampton, has since appeared in Court again, and has had its license restored.


Luca Pilato, director at Junk, told The Tab: “Despite the fact we were in no way responsible for the incident having taken place we were deeply upset and appalled by such an incident and sought advice on how we could act to ensure nothing like this could ever happen again.”

Junk has since had to operate under restricted conditions including shorter opening hours (closure at 2am instead of 4am).

It was confirmed by the magistrate that Junk are in no way a venue that has more incidents above the average of any other – in fact quite the contrary.

Luca also told The Tab: “We now set upon the monumental task of re-building the business and its good name.”

“We have had overwhelming support from the industry with this type of situation happening all across the UK with licensed premises.”

Junk has been nominated Britain’s best small club by DJ Mag.