Why Southampton is the true capital of the South

It’s the best home-away-from home you could ask for

There is only one place to be for a student, and that is Southampton. Whether you just want to have a quiet evening of studying in Hartley library, a friendly drink in The Giddy Bridge, or a heavy night out in Jesters followed by a greasy kebab from the one and only Chick-O-Land.


Moving from a run-down Kentish town, Southampton seemed a calm, quaint coastal getaway from the noise and pollution. Its scenic docks and historical high-street feel homely, and, immediately entice you as a vulnerable sixth form student looking around universities. From day one, I have had absolutely no doubt that I made the right choice.


Despite the dirty floor and graffiti-ridden toilets of some places, Southampton has some astonishing characteristics. The Guildhall has played host to amazing acts such as Comic Katherine Ryan, You Me at Six and Jim Davidson. Many famous faces have passed through and shown that Southampton really is a great place. Not to forget Southampton’s marvellous dockside venues, such as the restaurant Pitcher and Piano, that holds breath-taking views of the docks and their surroundings.


I have to say the one thing that you can never be prepared for, when moving from a relatively built-up, central urban area to the coastal city of Southampton, is the wind! Who could’ve known that the coast is so windy? You can’t walk down the high-street without feeling that you are going to blow away. No matter what time of year it is, you will always be desperately fighting back the hair blowing into your face. Although, that is just one more unique reason to love the marvellous city of Southampton.southampton-city-skyline