Southampton Halloween costumes

Weve got you covered for a witty emergency idea

Halloween is upon us and the rush to find a unique and funny costume has begun so we’re sending some assistance with a few quirky ideas. We’ve all seen the ‘sexy cat’ costume which consists of whiskers and an all-black skintight dress, or the ‘Hawaiian’ man in his usual pub gear plus an old Aiya Napa lei he’s been dying to use again. And so it’s time to mix it up a bit and it’s only right that these reflect some local colour.

A JESTICLEimg_1750

Probably THE most famous drink in Southampton and, thanks to its fabulously low price, one that leaves almost all of us a little sore-headed the morning after. You’ll be dressing as a Court Jester, which is only fitting as this glorious drink comes from the one and only (thank god) Jesters! However, to add a twist to this costume and transform you into a Jesticle, you’ll be painting your face, hands, legs – and any other bits of skin on show – a lovely sunset orange to match the drink.


After the recent debate over the name of our student union, this one is thick with irony – and it’s up to you which name you support! You can keep this cheap and cheerful with the DIY option, or splash out at The Shop on campus and get the real deal.



As The Hobbit Pub is a student favourite because of its vibrant, sociable atmosphere, it deserves a tribute costume. You can decide whether to buy an outfit online –  of which there will be plenty with all the Lord of the Rings fans out there! Or you can get creative and pull some things together – maybe an old shirt you don’t mind tea staining, baggy brown trousers, messy hair and if you’re feeling really brave, grow your toenails and go barefoot!


This idea came to me after seeing a TripAdvisor comment about Southampton, warning people that there are so many rats, they half expected the pied piper to appear! This is a great costume opportunity if you want to dress up with your partner or best friend while making a joke of the disturbing truth that Southampton has a bit of a rat problem. You could go as a comical Superhero duo, or turn it dark and creepy with rat-eye contact lenses, fake blood and scary make up.

Get creative and have a Happy Halloween!