70% of Southampton Students want ‘Us.’ to go back to ‘SUSU’

After the result of the All Student Vote were released this evening

70% of students at Southampton preferred the old student union name ‘SUSU’ to the post-rebrand ‘Union Southampton’.

After the rebrand was introduced last summer, there was a outcry from students over the lack of student involvement and the amount the rebrand cost. Facebook pages and petitions were set up asking the students’ union to reverse the brand.

54% of students did say they preferred the new branding to the previous style. Whilst Us. has not confirmed they will be reversing the name change, they did say ‘The Trustee Board, including Full-Time Officers and Student Trustees, will now look to decide the next steps and will keep you updated on the progress in the coming months.’

4711 students voted in the rebrand question.