Why Oceana is my favourite Soton night out

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The Dress Code

As comfortable as it is to dance the night away in converses, there’s something special about getting dressed up, shaving those legs, and throwing on a pair of nice heels, safe in the knowledge they won’t be destroyed on a sticky dance floor. And of course, you gents secretly love putting aside those sports/gym trainers for the night and going all out on the hair gel.

The Drinks


Many of us have woken up after drinking a little too much Glen’s vodka, hangover made all the worse by the questionable quality of the booze. With quality Ciroc on offer in Oceana, I actually enjoy the taste of my vodka and cranberry, rather than knocking it back to avoid sobering up while I’m doing the macarena.

The Ultimate VIP Experience

Whilst clubs in Southampton and back home in London have plenty of opportunities to upgrade to VIP, nothing so far has quite matched Oceana’s Hampshire suite. Lighting controls, your very own hostess, and a view over the peasants on the dance floor make you feel like royalty. Never mind the fact you can throw your clutch in the safely locked room, and you have a secure meeting point if you manage to lose your friends on the dance floor.

Chance to meet your childhood Heroes

Celebrity nights offer the chance to meet the reality stars working the DJ circuit, as well as the chance to see heroes from your childhood and musical stars of the noughties. Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to end up drinking champagne and dancing with Bradley McIntosh of S Club fame – after a friend struck up a conversation with him in the VIP bar.

Partying with S Club

The Music

Oceano offers two dance floors, the main one for the best contemporary beats and another room that plays ultimate club classics mixed with cheese. If you don’t spend your night belting along to Usher, did you even have a good time?

Opening Hours

Having grown up in London, the concept of a club closing at 2am is a completely alien one. It hasn’t been a big night out if it’s still dark when I’m going home. Rolling out of Oceana with the rest of the squad at 4am is the way a proper night out should end. Even if you have accidentally ordered six taxi’s between the five of you.