De-bunking University Myths

After two weeks of Freshers’, we’re here to debunk some misconceptions you might have picked up so far

Congratulations, you’ve made it! You’ve moved into halls, said goodbye to your parents and are ready to start your University experience. But you might not be sure what to expect. Will it be a string of crazy frat parties like it is in the movies? Or is this just the beginning of a three year baked beans and pasta diet? Well never fear! The Soton Tab is here to bust some myths.

MYTH: You will be living solely off pot noodle

Reality: The pot noodle obsession is a well-established stereotype. However, contrary to popular belief, student meals are not limited to the re-heating of food. University is actually a great time for developing your culinary skills. Avoid the temptation to cheat – get adventurous! Cooking a meal with your flatmates is a great way to do this – it’s cheaper, healthier and a great way to get to know everyone! Besides, your dwindling bank balance will ensure you’re more than familiar with supermarket own-brands before Christmas Break.

MYTH: You will lose weight

Reality: The idea your new tighter student budget will lead to a looser belt is a myth. Although you might be eating less during the day, all those quadvods and post-night out Maccies will have you piling it on. No one warns you how many calories alcohol actually has! Swap regular soda mixers for diet versions. Not only will it help reduce your waistline but also your spending as they get you drunk quicker!

MYTH: First year is really difficult

Reality: To begin with, first year can seem really daunting. You’re handed seemingly endless lists of so-called ‘essential reading’ and told you’re expected to be studying for more hours than you have in a week. On top of it all, there’s the added pressure of knowing you’re paying £9,000 a year for this. Don’t fret! Your first year is more about settling in and getting used to things. You don’t have to read every book ever written, or write down every word your lecturer says. Find what works for you.

MYTH: You don’t need to do any work in your first year

Reality: Of course, there’s the temptation to go the other way and not do anything. Although it’s true your first year marks don’t count towards your final degree grade, you still need to pass. There’s no need to stress yourself out over a piece of work but you don’t want to be re-sitting come the summer. It’s important to establish good habits for second and third year, otherwise you really will struggle. Think of it like the all important pre-drink session before a night out. You wouldn’t want to hit jesters sober, so don’t leave yourself unprepared for your final years either.

MYTH: You will meet your soulmate/ best friends in the first week

Reality: Your flatmates might be your new family but they’re not your only friends- branch out! Don’t fixate on the first people you meet. During your time at university you will meet hundreds of different people. Its OK if you don’t become besties with all of them. Everyone is super friendly in the haze of first week excitement but a couple months down the line is when you’ll learn who the true keepers are.

MYTH: University is all about partying

Reality: Whilst Uni life has a reputation of being non-stop partying, it’s not all about nights out! Once the hype of fresher’s week has subsided, you’ll begin to realise that there is more to Uni than clubs. Although Jesters will always hold a special place in your heart, there’s no need to put yourself through that torture every Monday. If you want a more chilled, cheaper night then head to Stag’s on a Thursday for Karaoke night- Guaranteed to be a good laugh. Head down to the Laughter Lounge in the Student Union to see the likes of Josh Widdicombe and other fab guests. Check out the variety of societies- whether you’re into rock climbing or you’re a Yo-yo fanatic, there’s something for everyone! Try your hand at a new sport or pick up something you already love. Keeping an open mind is essential to making the most of your university experience!