How to stop your halls room looking like a prison cell

What do you call a prisoner who takes their own mug shot? A cellfie

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Those white walls, beige furniture and faded carpet are hard not to hate. We have got you covered! This is the Tab’s guide on injecting some personality into your halls room and to stop it looking (and feeling) like a prison cell!

Let’s start with photos

Simply fill your boring white walls with adorable and funny photos of your friends, family and pets. Everyone underestimates just how much they will miss their loving dog or scratchy, irritable cat. Take plenty of cringe-worthy photos of them sleeping and cuddling their favourite chewy toy to stick around your room. If your halls insist on nothing being stuck on the walls then this is where you can get creative. The walls may be forbidden – but the back of the door, the bathroom mirror, the window and the wardrobe are definitely an option. Don’t fancy anything as basic as Blu-Tack? Tie a piece of string across the room from the ceiling and hang your photos by cute pegs. Worried it will look tacky? Use a long piece of pretty ribbon instead.


Ten in the bed and the little one said…

You walk into someone’s room and your eyes are immediately drawn to their bed. You make assumptions about a person you barely know based on what kind of bedding they have. If your dreams and aspirations for university revolve around getting laid then you need bedding someone might actually want to lie on. Limp, worn and faded sheets might just make someone balk at the idea of a good shag so make an effort. Bright, colourful bedding will brighten up any halls room. Add some cute cushions and a cosy throw or blanket and your room will instantly look warmer and less dull!

Getting cold feet?

Nasty coffee stain on the worn carpet? Or just want to cover up that hideous colour that is only found in a halls of residence? It doesn’t matter if you’re an IKEA babe or a John Lewis toff, snazzy rugs are in almost every shop come September. Polyester or Persian alike, they will look great on the floor beside your bed

What’s my name?

Nothing says “welcome to my humble abode” like your name stuck on the outside of your door. Show off your personality and be artistic with your name. If you’re in a big flat and still learning everyone’s names, it’ll help make everything a little bit less awkward.


Fairy Lights

These are an absolute essential for any halls room. Strung up from the ceiling they make even the grimmest rooms look warm, cute and cosy. They give awesome atmosphere and they provide great light to read (or watch Netflix) with! You could even peg your photos of friends and family to the string lights to make them glow!

The final touches

Add a bit of life to your room with an indoor plant. The best are the low maintenance ones so if you have a test or a mad week of partying then they won’t die. A fresh bouquet of lilies every week would be ideal but what student has the time (or money) for that?

Got a grimy shower curtain? IKEA have some cool cheap and cheerful ones that you can clip to the original. This would brighten up the bathroom and add a splash of colour!