“My Freshers was…”

Is the infamous Freshers all it’s cracked up to be?

I’m sure you’ve all heard wild stories of the shenanigans and antics from university students on their Freshers experience, from vomiting in a lecture to being locked out your halls at 5 in the morning having left your key in a girl’s flat, to waking up in a bush, having misplaced your phone, keys and shoes. Contrary to what you may believe, these are all true, but let’s hear what other students have to say about their Freshers experience.


“My Freshers week was an opportunity to discover that, despite all the hype, Freshers week is not in fact the best week of uni, after Freshers reps attempted to convince me to go on a night out to ‘Tight and Bright at Popworld’ at 9pm.” Neil, Third Year English

“My Freshers was the epitome of what you would expect university Freshers week to be. I spent the week either in a state of intoxication or suffering the results of such. The week basically involved being forced into downing vile drinks or dressing up in ridiculous themed costumes, all in the name of fun and getting to know each other. It perhaps is one way of getting to know the nitty gritty of those who you are going to be spending the next year with, however, this Freshers mentality quickly bypasses and soon you will find yourself befriending like-minded people and enjoying nights out without having to long-arm your drink.” – Katie, Third Year English

flat party

“My freshers was not at all what I expected. I thought I’d spend the whole first semester going out every night with my new best mates. As it turned out, I didn’t get along particularly well with my flatmates, caught the most horrendous strain of Freshers’ flu and spent the entire time on antibiotics. I missed Freshers’ Ball because I was too ill to go.” – Kelsey, Third Year English and Philosophy

“After begrudgingly putting on that terrible, slightly tight fitting orangy-pink Freshers tee, I knew this kind of lifestyle wasn’t for me. Games, games and more games! Anyone who knows me knows forced fun is my kryptonite! I retreated to my bedchambers and gazed upon my reflection in the mirror – deliberation… and then the answer came… There must be some normal nights, good music, booze; basically, not the crude debauchery that Freshers enthusiastically offers. Fear not anyone reading this (who doesn’t think I’m a miserable asshole), it only lasts a week then you can wear your own t-shirt or whatever tickles your fancy. It’s not for everyone and that’s not a bad thing.” – Will, Third Year Philosophy and Film

“My Freshers was a great chance to get to know everyone in my block and form great friendships with people I’d be living with for the rest of the year!” – Becksy, Third Year Geography

“My freshers was a total surprise – mostly because, as an international student, I didn’t know it existed. Still, I had fun getting to know my flatmates while putting them in bed after they’d passed out drinking. 10/10 would recommend.” – Timos, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering