Getting to know women’s rugby at Southampton

We caught up with SUWRFC to find out what they’re all about

We spoke to Rachel – President of the Southampton University Women’s Rugby Football Club (SUWRFC for short!) to find out what they’re about, and how to get involved.

So what does your society actually do?

What we do is pretty much in the name. We’re a women’s rugby team. We train, play matches and go on socials each week as a team and generally just have fun doing so!

What is your role in the society?

This year, I’m the president of SUWRFC. In short, that means that I coordinate the rest of the committee and organise the links with the AU.

When and Where can we find you?

As with all societies and clubs we will be at the bunfight, but because we’re rugby we’ll be near the end so please persevere and we’ll be very happy to see you! We’ll also be at Wide Lane for the Taster Day. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Email us at [email protected] or message me on Facebook if you have any questions!

Do you need any experience or equipment to join?

No experience or equipment needed for taster day! Just come along in some sportswear, and then if you want to join you’ll need a pair of rugby boots and a mouth guard. But feel free to try before you buy!

What’s the most fun social your society has ever had?

It’s impossible to pick just one social, there is always fun to be had when we are together! On the tamer side of things we go on dates to Sprinkles, have nachos and Netflix night, and play laser tag! We’ve also had Great British Bake Off themes fancy dress and drinking games, Olympic Games, a charity shop dress up and even a Noah’s Ark. We also go on tour all together with the university. All these activities for us into a lovely, close knit family!

What’s the best thing about your society?

The community spirit is amazing in SUWRFC. We’re all best friends and I’m sure I’ve got friends for life. When you’re playing a game in which you’re protecting others and trusting that they’ll cover you in a tackle, the bonds just form so quickly that from my first training session I felt like I was a part of something!

Any weird traditions?

Unfortunately we aren’t that weird and don’t really have many odd traditions. We’re pretty flexible and would rather change to suit our players than stick with stuff just for the sake of it!

Jesters or Sobar?

100% Jesters. We’re there most Wednesday nights and always have the best time! Who can say no to cheap drinks, good music and friends?!