We questioned Quizsoc to find out what they’re all about

It’s Whatsoc Wednesday again!

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We caught up with President of Southampton’s quiz society, Christian, to find out how to get involved.

So what does your society actually do?

As the name implies we’re all about making and participating in quizzes. The society’s activities are split in two, on the one hand we run our own In-House quizzes, which use several unique quiz rounds and a lock-out buzzer system, while on the other our Out-of-House organises regular trips to local pub quizzes and the participation of both the society and the University in national quiz competitions, such as University Challenge. The final string to our bow is we’re behind the University of Southampton Inter-Society Challenge, which will make its second appearance this spring.

What is your role in the society?

Mine’s a primarily administrative role, the Vice-Presidents get all the fun of writing quizzes and organising teams for external events, though I do help with question writing for the In-House. Anyone joining the society will mainly see me hosting events, such as the In-House quizzes, where I get to look smart up at the front asking quiz questions.

When and Where can we find you?

QuizSoc’s In-House quizzes are every other Friday evening in one of the downstairs physics lecture theatres. The Out-of-House is a bit more sporadic but can generally be found in The Stile every Thursday evening for the society’s favourite pub quiz.

Do you need any experience or equipment to join?

No quizzing experience required, we’ve had quite a few members admit they’re no good at quizzes but enjoy them none the less, myself included, and I’m the President. For all of our events, all you have to do is turn up, teams for quizzes are sorted out on the evening of the event.

What’s the most fun social your society has ever had?

QuizSoc is definitely not your typical society when it comes to socials, ours tend to be more towards the quiet, calm end of the scale. Our biggest social was early on last year when we managed to get pretty much everyone from the quiz in to scoops, it was a great ice-breaker so early on and really helped integrate the new members in with us older ones.

What’s the best thing about your society?

QuizSoc offers not only a good quiz at the end of a hard week but an inexpensive and relaxing evening, our In-House quizzes are never overly competitive. And how many other places allow you to try out a lock-out buzzer system?

Does your society have any weird traditions?

In our In-House events each evening the teams come up with a team name each and according to them that’s the “hardest question of the evening”, so as such there are themes that recur, such as the term “will not be bagsied” with a variety of pronouns before it and another favourite is “The Steve Barnes Experience” whether than be “The Real…” or “…turbo”.

Jesters or Sobar?

Due to lack of experience I’ll have to defer on this question to the committee. They selected Jesters, since it’s had more questions based on it in our quizzes than Sobar.