Vote for the Best Club in Southampton

Which club offers the best night out in Southampton?


King of the messy night out, Southampton’s most infamous club is known for its cheesy tunes and anything goes attitude. It will ruin your shoes (not a problem if you’ve prepared with a cheap primark job) but Jesters is always a guaranteed good night. The bathrooms might be a biohazard, and the floor might  be covered in God knows what, but nothing in Southampton compares to a Monday night in the Palace of Dreams. Your home friends don’t understand the appeal but Jesters will always have a special place in your heart. A night in Jesters is a right of passage for every Southampton Student.


Jesters’ prettier, classier sister. Only down the road from Jesters, Sobar boasts a slightly more up-to-date playlist with Top 40 tunes and fishbowl cocktails. You’ll probably spend most of your night in the giant smoking area out back, but your shoes remain in tact and undestroyed. Famous for their cheap quad vods and penny-a-pint Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, Sobar is the place to be on a Tuesday night.

Everyone loves a dance at The Edge

The Edge

Southampton’s biggest gay bar is always a night to remember. A mix of iconic tracks and huge tunes, all washed down with chocolate shots and whipped cream. Girls are safe in the knowledge you won’t be groped on the dance floor, and the contents of the vending machine outside never fails to cause a giggle with the uninitiated.


Oli oli oli oi oi oi! Pseudo-house remixes, Switch feels like a suped-up version of your hometown night club. Switch offers a rare locals-free weekend night, and the opportunity to wear something nicer than your old converses.

Cafe Parfait

Where else would you go on a Sunday night to listen to tunes and smoke shish? The chocolate factory on Thursday nights that include a 6ft chocolate fountain, Freddo’s, and of course cheap drinks make the night even sweeter.


From the cheese room to the EDM room, there’s something for everyone here. Girls can wear heels, boys can wear nice shirts – it’s the one club in Southampton where you can get a bit dressy. The rest of Soton’s clubs are dwarfed by massive Oceana. You’re drinking vodka with a brand you recognise on it. Of everything on offer, it’s the least like a student club.

Orange Rooms

Presented more like a bar and is of course THE place to go if you fancy a cocktail. The mixologists have created energetic cocktails that will excite your taste buds. They also offer daily drink offers and decent grub.


They have a roof terrace, and again, it is more like a bar. You go there to sip on cocktails ad its a good excuse to put on a LBD and heels.


Another bar/nightclub, that you initially go to pre as drinks are half price on Fridays before 10.30. However, the music and booze convince you stay and you spend your night dancing inside Japanese decor.


Arguably the cheesiest club in Southampton. Nineties tunes, bright colours and people transforming into pole dancers in the middle of the dance floor.  Drunk on shots of mango sourz (can you even order this anywhere else?) Popworld takes you back to a time when the World’s governments weren’t falling apart and the Spice Girls were at the top of the charts.


The place for all you edgy kids. An alternative venue, that has charisma. You go there, with chattering teeth to see Annie Mac. The next day you lie in bed, feeling low, with glitter still all over your face, looking through tagged pictures of yourself with a gurning face, red eye, and a bottle of water that you paid £3 for. Your mum has innocently liked the album.

The Hobbit

Not strictly a nightclub, but one of the best alternative nights out on offer in Southampton. Regular live acts, Hobbit-themed pint sized cocktails and what must be the world’s biggest smoking area. Not designed for pop-fans (with notoriously strict juke box rules) the Hobbit is Rocksoc’s regular haunt.