Man brutally mocked after ex wins Euromillions jackpot

He won’t see a single penny of the £60m+ winnings

Dan White, 21, has had to endure several days of mockery and brutal banter from his mates after his ex-girlfriend won the Euromillion jackpot this week. Dan broke up with Courtney Davis just before she left for Southampton University, but less than 12 months later she won over £60 million with her family. Now Dan’s friends are ripping into him about the decision to break up with Courtney.

“All my mates are savaging me about this. The first I knew of their win was my phone going nuts,” said Dan from his home in South Wales. One of his friends even decided to ask him “how much he had cried” since the news broke that his ex was a multi-millionaire. But in fairness to Dan, whilst he has admitted he is a bit disappointed by the news, he’s refused to be down hearted by it and expressed that he is “happy for them”.  He even sarcastically asked that if it was possible to get a cheeky £2 million. “A million a year for the two years we went out – I wouldn’t say no to that.”

Winner's delight: Whilst the Davis family enjoy the riches, Dan will miss out

Winner’s delight: Whilst the Davis family enjoy the riches, Dan will miss out

Whilst this may all seem like it’s a matter of the two now going their separate ways, never to cross paths again, there is the added factor that Dan lives right next to Stephanie Davis, Courtney’s sister. Things were already “awkward enough” in Dan’s words, now add on to that the fact that Stephanie and her boyfriend Steve Powell have a spare £24 million from their cuts of the winnings. Dan won’t necessarily be able to hide away completely from the luxury that the Davis family now enjoy.

There is no doubt he will be fine and life will carry on, but for now he’ll have to suffer the initial sting, as well as the constant mockery of his friends who will almost inevitably never EVER let him live it down.