We spoke to Dog Sledding Society’s president to find out what they do

In this week’s Whatsoc Wednesday we meet Southampton University’s Dog Sledding society

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This week we caught up with Heather, president of Southampton University’s Dog Sledding society to find out what they’re all about.

So what does your society actually do?

Our society provides a safe and nurturing environment for people who have a common interest in animals and adventurous sports. It educates people about the sport of dog sledding whilst giving them the opportunity to have hands on experience.

What is your role in Dog Sledding?

I am the creator and president of this society

When and where can we find you?

You can get in contact with us via social media. Our Facebook page is called University of Southampton Dog Sledding Society and our Twitter is @sotondogsled. Alternatively you can email us at [email protected]

Do you need any experience or equipment to join Dog Sledding?

No previous experience is needed and new inexperienced members are very welcome.

What’s the most fun social your society has ever had?

As we are a newly founded society, we haven’t had many socials as of yet, but we plan on hosting socials on a fortnightly basis. Our most fun social so far has to be our bowling social, it enabled people to really let go and it was a great way to get to know new members.

What’s the best thing about Dog Sledding Society?

The best thing about our society is that it is unique. We are the first University in the UK to set up an official dog sledding society! Furthermore our trips are definitely one of a kind, providing hands on experience and training with leading mushers.

Does your society have any weird traditions?

We have a mascot, which is a Siberian husky toy dog, which we have to take on all of our socials.

And finally – Jesters or Sobar?