Best Dressed at Grad Ball 2016

The outfits were definitely more impressive than the music

This year’s Graduation ball at Guildhall Square was glammed up with red carpet and pink lights, paving the way for our personally selected ball celebs! We all scrub up pretty well ‘eh?


Sarah Deer, Law student, absolutely stunning floor-length red dress with cross-back


Radhika Tailor, Economics student, in a gorgeous sparkly gold and white dress 


Drew Butchart, Oceanography student, looking very dapper in his stripey blazer 


Polly Young, French and Spanish student struts a sexy white garm and strappy black heels 


Rochelle Baptiste, English student gets her sparkle on in this beaut dress 


Chris Coles, History and German student is ready for a ride on the dodgems in a handsome grey waistcoat and funky purple tie 


Tom Walls, Film and History student looks very delicious in his grey suit and snazzy tie


Ricky Beak, Physiotherapy student rocks some matching red braces and bow tie, and looks scrumptious!


Abby Forbes, Biochemistry student, looking like a true celebrity in this sexy blue number


 Jackie Phillips, Psychology student, a beautiful princess in this elegant blue dress, and we loved her hair!


And finally, Accounting and Finance student, Tanya Arya and Cardiac Physiology student, Karl Evangelista were an awesome double act with intentionally coordinated outfits