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All the quirks that make Soton great

We all love to moan about how dire Southampton can be. Whether it is the crap weather, the fact the University has been situated on top of the steepest hill or the oddball locals. Still, we all live here for at least 3 years and cannot help but form some attachments. We have selected a few of Southampton’s quirks and perks that make us desperate to return when we are left bored at home during the holidays. So, here are a few of these things and it’s up to you to select THE BEST thing about Southampton. And no, the fact we get to leave when we graduate is not an option.


Southampton has not one, not two, but three Sprinkles Gelato. Pigging out on waffles, crepes, and ice-cream sundaes is a guaranteed pick-me-up. The deluxe sweet smell is enough to make even Portswood smell good. For a second you are swept off to Florence. If that is not enough they have also opened up Scoops less than a stone throw away. Having gelato parlours virtually on your doorstep, ready to nurse those hangovers, has to be one of the best things about Southampton.
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The late night food

We are all privileged to live in a town that has many of its restaurant doors open to us until 3 am. Subway, Manzils’, Roosters Piri-Piri and Charcoal grill serve the best grub no matter what time of day. Our gratitude reaches its peak after the lights come on in either Jesters or Sobar. Thank you for attempting to sober us up slightly before we continue to journey home.

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The man who sells Big Issues outside Waitrose

If you are privileged enough to shop in Waitrose then you are privileged enough to know who I am talking about. I have never met such a smiley person even when (shock horror) the weather is grim. He will always ask how you are, and tell you to have a nice day. This guy is the King of good manners. He makes popping in for some bread and milk and coming out £30 lighter worth it.  We need more people like this in the world.

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The low rent

Yes Southampton is even cheaper than Manchester and Bristol, with an average apartment value of £159, according to best city study. Although, the rent does not seem to be as cheap as that friend back home who pays only £60 a week for a massive house in some northern city, we cannot complain too much. Living costs are still around 20% lower than in London. The student Living Index named Southampton the second most affordable city in the UK. Being the cheapest city in southern England makes Southampton great.

Champagne Charley’s

What is better than ending a pub-crawl by downing a bottle of wine from Champagne Charley’s to Jesters? The fact that you only paid a fiver for it. Not only are we grateful for Champagne Charley’s providing us with that extra bit more alcohol to keep us warm whilst we queue down Bevois Valley, we also love Michael.

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The drug Scene

Apparently, it is easy to acquire drugs. For some, this is looked upon with favour.

So there you have it, a small collection of the best things Southampton has to offer. Get voting!

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