Southampton Student calls out David Cameron for ‘waffling’ in TV debate

‘I’m an English Literature student – I know waffling when I see it’

Soraya Bouazzaoui, an English literature student at Southampton Solent, slammed the prime minister in a TV debate last night, accusing him of “waffling”.

The PM took questions from the live audience of Sky News’ EU: In or Out? broadcast. Originally, Bouazzaoui said she had intended to vote to remain in the EU in the 23 June referendum, but described the remain campaign as “a complete shambles”.

She said to the PM: “We haven’t even addressed the fact that Turkey want to become in ever-closer union with the EU when they are under such heavy accusation by the entire Middle East for funding Isis. How can you reassure us of staying in the EU and saying there are no risks, when there are clear risks especially when it comes to Isis?”.

Credit: Sky News

Bouazzaoui, originally from Essex, went on to say: “You are willing to work with the Turkish government who had a brawl in their parliament just two weeks ago”.

Credit: Sky News

David Cameron tried to assure the student and make a positive case for remaining in the EU, but he was swiftly interrupted by Bouazzaoui saying: “That’s not answering my question. Let me finish now, because I’ve seen you interrupt many people before. Let me finish. I’m an English Literature student – I know waffling when I see it, OK. I’m sorry, but you’re not answering my question – how can you reassure people who want to vote out that we are safe from extremism when we are willing to work with a government like Turkey who want to be part of the EU when they are under heavy accusation?”.

Credit: Sky News

Responding to her question, the PM said: “There is no prospect of Turkey joining the EU in decades. They applied in 1987, they have to complete 35 chapters. One had been completed so far. At this rate they will join in the year 3000.”

Some praised the student on social media for being so outspoken towards David Cameron:

Others criticised Bouazzaoui and called her rude:

When asked by reporters if she thought she had been rude to the PM, Bouazzaoui said: “I think he’s getting a taste of his own medicine essentially. He’s spent his entire six years being dishonest, untruthful, brushing a lot of worrying things under the rug and I think for someone to actually finally call him out on it was necessary.”