50% OFF all Orange rooms’ new menu all weekend long

Why go to the gym when Orange Rooms have released a new menu?

While everyone is trying to hit the gym, resisting food is not as easy for some and, if you aren’t going on holiday this summer then does it really matter if you’re working out? For those of us who aren’t beach body ready, do not fear: our favourite retro styled restaurant Orange rooms are releasing their new menu this Friday and to celebrate there is a 50% discount on food ALL WEEKEND! Orange rooms is legendary for their insane burgers, so it’s only natural they’ve added on a Buffalo chicken burger to their menu.

For the Orange Rooms fans looking a healthier or vegetarian alternatives, their new menu has increased options for all the non-meat eaters out there. New vegetarian burgers mean everyone can experience the legendary Orange Rooms burgers.

The manager of Orange Rooms told the Soton Tab “We’re really excited to announce our new menu and we promise it won’t disappoint, there’s so many new dishes we’ve added that you can’t find anywhere else! And definitely keep an eye out for our freakshakes which will be available soon!” Their Instagram worthy milkshakes are due to be released next Friday, so if you’re in Southampton do not miss out on the sugary heaven. 

Whether you’re saying goodbye to your university friends for the summer, taking your family out for a meal, or simply don’t fancy cooking this weekend – Orange Rooms is the place to be.