The Best Reactions to the New Union Logo

The people have spoken

As a general rule, people don’t like change. It’s uncertain and scary,  taking away our beloved traditions and altering our day to day lives.

One thing people do like, however, is venting anger at things on social media. To this end, the announcement of SUSU’s rebrand on Saturday created a perfect storm. Here are some of your best reactions.

Some went straight onto their photo editing software to vent their frustrations.

We all feel sorry for Susu the cat.

Others took to Yik Yak to post #relatable #memes


It got a bit personal at times.

Twitter user Sam Williams gets straight to the heart of the issue.

Some raised some concerns about the union’s democracy. Wonder what will happen to the old referendum t-shirts.


The new-look Stag’s Head wasn’t to everyone’s liking.


The news had some pretty huge implications for our new feline president.


I’m sure ‘AnalDragon’ put a lot of work into this one.

This is absolutely true and not conjecture *coughs*.

Our good and not-at-all-under-SUSU’s-thumb friends over at The Wessex Scene gave us a glimmer of hope. Perhaps it won’t be as bad as we first feared.

It remains to be seen what SUSU have in store for us when the full brand reveal comes on Monday. It seems as if the rebrand has gone too far to turn back, and that students may be forced to deal with the new look. For now all we can say is that the general feeling is not a positive one.