Here’s what the new SUSU logo actually looks like

It’s sassy and fun

After the new SUSU (now Us.) brand guidelines were mysteriously leaked last night, the Soton Tab can reveal what it looks like, and all the bizarre things it’s supposed to mean.

The sign put up at Stag’s yesterday is just one of a selection of colour palettes that have been made available for the logo.


The guidelines provide a strongly worded warning on how the logo should not be reproduced in Word Art or italicised.

logo no

Please! No

The reveal also revealed two new variants of this logo, with an inverted colour scheme.logo 3 logo2

These designs show the dot, which confused and even angered students reacting to the reveal yesterday, is actually a part of every logo design variant.

The company charged with rebranding SUSU brand this dot “The Mark”, and is intended to unite the branding of any student who decides uses to adopt the new logo for their group.

The guidelines state “This is our Mark. It’s a way for you to express yourself as part of our brand. Treat the Mark with respect and care.

logo mark

“The Mark should always reflect our brand – so if you’re feeling stuck, ask yourself: is it fun? Is it innovative? Is it welcoming?”

They go on to clarify that “The Mark is not a full stop, and therefore it cannot be replaced with any other form of punctuation.

“The Mark works when used with our brand. It’s a flexible and dynamic Mark.”


Beyond all the dynamic Marks, the leaks reveal that the much-malligned minimal design was an intentional aspect of the visual design.

One page says “This poster uses minimal copy and focuses on imagery.”


One final mention of ‘The Flexible Mark’ is made in reference to ‘collateral’ such as letterheads. They demonstrate Union President Ben Franklin’s head surrounded by the mark as an example of the new ‘coherent’ visual branding across all mediums.

ben franklin logo