BREAKING: New SUSU logo revealed

‘Southampton University’ will no longer be a part of the student union name

The new logo for the University of Southampton Student’s Union has been revealed.

Previously known as SUSU, the University of Southampton’s Student Union decided to rebrand their image earlier this year.

The design of the new logo appears to be comparatively basic in its design with a minimalist black and white colour scheme and simple font.

The Student’s Union has also decided to lose the iconic nick name ‘SUSU’ when it was revealed after the opening of the University’s Malaysian campus that susu is the Malaysian word for milk.

Instead the Student’s Union appears to be simply called ‘Us.’

Max, a third year Computer Science student told the Soton Tab “So far, it looks more scary and unapproachable”.

Ben, a third year English student also added “the font on the s is too fat which makes the whole thing look unbalanced. Why is the dot so big?”

Poppy, a third year Historian, did praise the clean colour scheme, saying that it was “definitely an improvement on the previous logo”.