HUGE WASP SWARM at Scoops in Portswood terrorises locals

They’re creating a huge buzz

The opening of a rival to gelateria to Portswood’s beloved Sprinkles generated a lot of buzz last year, as swarms of students flocked to the dessert bar in hopes of satisfying their sweet cravings with less of a sting to their wallets.

On a scorching week like this, one would expect students to have made a beeline for the store to cool off with ice cream, crepes and sundaes, but today students have desserted the usually popular ice-cream parlour as it has become a colony for a far less traditional clientèle.


The wasps are likely to be more docile when the weather turns this evening so there’s less chance of any “stinging in the rain”, though we still urge students to bee careful when hovering around the top end of Portswood until the nest is removed, as we wouldn’t want anyone to end up in waspital.

Quite how an entire wasps nest was able to gather in the space of a morning is as yet unclear, all we know for now is that it’s quite unbeelievable.