Preview: The Comedy Fridge 2016

Revision and coursework getting you down?

FridgeHeaderThe year is 2016. The land around is desolate and frightening. You walk alone in this wasteland, struggling, gasping for respite. You do not know how it has come to is, but you know you cannot go on much longer. The air is too dry. Your bones are too weary. Just as you are about to give in, you see it in the distance. Could it be?  Deliverance? A mirage? You cannot believe your eyes! Yes, yes, there it is! It is The Comedy Fridge 2016, here to save you! Oh joyous day, you are saved. Through the power of comedy, you are nourished and restored, ready to continue on to brighter days.

SUSU ComedySoc has you covered with The Comedy Fridge 2016, featuring a variety of professional and university acts running from the 28th-30th April.

But what is this benevolent spectre? Where did it come from? The Soton Tab sat down with The Comedy Fridge itself to find out.

Hi Comedy Fridge, it’s great to finally do this. Let’s start off easy. What are you, and how did you start?

Great to be here. I, The Comedy Fridge, am a three-day comedy festival organised by SUSU Comedy Society. I first came to be last year when the society decided to work with other university comedy societies to present a collaborative, Edinburgh Fringe-style event featuring troupes from our own society and other universities.

Of course, last year you were just a one-evening extravaganza. What’s different this year?

For starters, I, The Comedy Fridge, will take place over three nights rather than just one. This will allow me to feature a far greater number of acts across these three nights, including professional acts and acts from other universities.

What will the first night entail?

The first night, April 28th, will be a night of improvised comedy. This will feature Bristol Improv, Bath Spa’s Idle Playthings, and Southampton’s own auditioned improv troupe, Beard of Zeus, who will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

And the second night?

The second night, April 29th, is an evening of sketch comedy. The external acts featured will be Bristol Revunions, the Idle Playthings, and The VA. Additionally, I, The Comedy Fridge, am also the first chance to see some of the sketches the Southampton Spotlights, the university’s auditioned sketch troupe, will be bringing up to the Edinburgh Fringe.

What about the last night of the Fridge?

The third and final night, April 30th, is a special one. It will include two surreal, live-action ‘rejected TV pilots’ deemed too outrageous to air on television, created by members of SUSU ComedySoc Sean Gilbody and Aniruddh Ojha. It will also include the absurd comedy stylings of professional act Sam and Tom.

What can we expect from the Fridge overall?

Every act offers a unique style of comedy, so there’s something for everyone. You can expect three nights of no-limits, ambitious and really rather hilarious comedy. Expect the unexpected, and expect something exceptional.

What a line-up! How many arms and legs do we need to give to get tickets? Take them all!

On the contrary, tickets to attend me, The Comedy Fridge, are a bargain! Each show is only £6 for adults and £5 for Performing Arts members, and those wishing to attend more than one show can buy a three-day pass for only £10, which gives a saving of up to £8! Furthermore, the first 50 people to reserve a three-day ticket will be given a snazzy Comedy Fridge 2016 wristband which will allow them entry into each night and make them the envy of their friends. Anyone hoping to acquire one of these wristbands must act fast though, as they’re selling faster than hotcakes you accidentally put in the fridge and then you realise what you’ve done and you rush to take them out, but now they’re cold cakes but it turns out they’re actually really nice and everyone loves them.

And the name? Why ‘The Comedy Fridge’?

Think comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe, but cooler.


Well there you have it folks, what a lovely entity. Be sure to reserve your tickets to The Comedy Fridge 2016 here.

Visit the event page for more information.