Your home friends are way better than your uni friends

They never steal your milk

Easter is approaching and that means four weeks at home with your old friends you probably haven’t seen since Christmas or even summer. As you pack your suitcase full of dirty washing (thanks in advance mum) and give your flatmate (I know it’s you that steals my milk) a hug, remember who your real friends are. It’s your home friends, not your uni friends.

When you see them…

You’ve not even been home two days, you’re already bored of your dog and fed up of your parents’ nagging so it’s time to reconnect with those old friends. When you see them it’s like you were never apart. You haven’t seen them in months so you have loads to catch up on and people to talk about. The great thing about your home friends is that you don’t have to see and speak to each other everyday to stay bffs. You’ve been across the country and maybe even other sides of the world from each other, had lots of different experiences and you still have loads in common. What else could you possibly want?

You chose your friends

Let’s be honest, you chose your childhood friends. They’re the ones you ran around on the playground with and stayed up late, whispering your scandalous secrets too. They supported you when you dyed your hair that stupid shade, defended you when there was that awful rumour and convinced you that the super hot boy/girl you fancied liked you back. But it’s most likely that you were shoved in a seminar group with your uni friends or forced to share a kitchen (and/or bathroom) with them. Bonding over your inability to do the work or cook is great but that’s not the making of a bff.


I don’t even like you

Friends with friends

Everyone wants more friends and if you say you don’t then you’re lying. You have uni friends and so do your home friends which means you can introduce each other. It’s nerve-wracking meeting your mates’ mates but it’ll be so worth it when you’ve expanded your friendship circle. You never know, some of them might live in your uni town.

You trust each other

Yeah okay, you trust Lucy to be there for you on a night out because she held your hair back for you that one time you got a bit too bevved. But is she really going to be someone you’ll speak to once your uni days are over? No. but your home friends will always be there. You grew up together and chances are they know the ‘real you’ (the ‘you’ before you reinvented yourself at the start of first year). Who’s going to post embarrassing pre-pubescent pictures of you on your Facebook when it’s your bday? Your home friends. The best Lucy can do is buy you a Jager Bomb and then hold your hair back (again).

Which one is Lucy?

Which one is Lucy?

Love the friends you have at uni but don’t replace the ones you left at home who stuck by you for so long. By the way, if you’re reading this and you’re one of my uni friends, you’ll always be my #1.