We tried the new table ordering at the McDonalds near Monte

It didn’t really work

The acclaimed 24-hour McDonald’s in Swaythling has become the first in the Hampshire County to offer table service. The restaurant has previously been closed for four weeks whilst it underwent refurbishment.

This restaurant has also been fitted with the latest technological gadgets. It is possible to charge your phone both wirelessly via ‘air-charging’ or to plug it into the various other ports that have been fitted to several of the tables.

Tablets have also been installed so you can browse the internet whilst waiting for your food order, or simultaneously surf the web whilst you eat.

mcdonalds swaythling tablet

The newest feature allows customers to order their food off a digital display.
McDonalds swaythling digital display

Upon entering the restaurant, customers have the option of ordering their food at the display for table service, or going up to the till and placing your order in an orthodox fashion.

The restaurant is split into Zone 1 and Zone 2. From the display, you choose which zone you wish to sit in. Once seated and after placing your receipt on the table, a staff member will bring your order straight to you.

Franchise owner Tony Bennett said: “The table service is good for families as it takes away the pressure of the parents having to queue up at the till with their children.”

However, this operation did not run so conveniently when we went to test it out. In our case, the digital display did not print out a receipt. Confused, Jess had to join the queue to the tills to inform staff this had happened.

She told The Tab: “The new service is meant to quicken and simplify the process of ordering food. However, I was left feeling frustrated and stuck queuing.”

We were told by a staff member that the receipts keep jamming.

Our time waiting for the food was spent attempting to get hold of an available staff member, instead of making use of the high-tech upgrades.

mcdonalds swaythling no receipt

We sat at a table and our meals were brought out. Yet still, this was not a smooth process. Zone 2 situates half the tables in the restaurant and staff members have to scan over tables, searching for an order number on a receipt that matches the tray of food they are carrying.

Straws were also brought over and sachets of sauces were produced to us from the staff member’s apron. We did not leave a tip.

It has so far been trialled in 14 different restaurants across the country and is now being rolled out at 400 restaurants this year.