Varsity 2016 Live Blog

We’ve got a running commentary throughout the day

16:27 – It’s nearly all done. Everything is winding down. Another great day for Southampton history. GOODNIGHT AND GOD BLESS.

16:13 – The current score is 210-50 with several results still to come

16:12 – Speaking of which, Southampton have just won rugby mens

16:11 – There are still a few results to wrap up the day, but there is no way back for Portsmouth


15:21 – Two victories for Team Southampton in archery. Without knowing the overall score I can’t be certain, but it must nearly be game over for Varsity 2016

15:18 – But to make things a little bit more entertaining, three streakers have just stopped the Men’s Rugby game. Nobody wants to go near them really, giving them free roam of the pitch.

15:17 – The score document all media groups were using has been taken down, meaning we have far less knowledge of the full score than we have had all day

14:58 First try of the men’s 1st rugby goes to Souhampton

13:43 Two excellent early tries for the Women’s rugby team.

13:30 Portsmouth have just won a football game, we’re not sure which one.

13:27 Men’s 2’s rugby goes to Portsmouth

13:21 – Nervy end to the Basketball

13:19 – No scores coming through so we’re all admiring the weather. Lovely day. Definitely recommend coming down for the afternoon.

13:14 – Just 65 more points needed to retain the trophy. Have Portsmouth even tried today?

13:12 – A present from the senior editorial team to our morning team Linus and Kelsey.12837206_10205887038756073_345428255_o

12:52 – Two more wins. Men’s cricket and Ladies’ fencing making this a total stroll in the park for Team Southampton

12:47 – 69 points left for a Team Southampton win. Giggity

12:43 – Men’s lacrosse has ended 4-2 and guess who won. That’s right. Portsmou… it was Southampton of course

12:35 – It’s just a matter of time now. Southampton just need 73 points to win. Portsmouth need 153 to complete the comeback. Somehow I think Team Soton have got Varsity 2016 won

12:23 – We’ve had more people coming in here asking where the toilet is than Portsmouth have points

12:20 – Does this count as throwing the towel in?!?!

Give up

12:18 – When does the mercy rule apply? Two more wins for the men and women of volleyball. Team Southampton blowing the points gap even further apart.

12:16 – Those wins take Team Southampton past the 100 point mark, with Portsmouth still struggling on a mere 24

12:15 – Four more wins in swimming for Team Southampton. Both men’s teams and both women’s teams victorious

12:05 – Normality is resumed as Team Southampton win in the trampolining. This is just too easy for the Soton lads and ladies

12:01 – Shout out to the lads at Dominos. Been providing spectators with free food all day and got mad deals going on throughout the month. Top guys!

11:37 – Pretty much sums it up. Another win for Team Soton in Netball 5thsPompeii Banter

11:22 – Southampton 4ths now win 43-22 in Netball, seriously Portsmouth. Getting more of a fight in here over the matter of a few Celsius

11:18 – On a slightly less violent note, Team Southampton win again. This time a 14-3 victory in Mixed Table Tennis

11:16 – War has broken out in the media centre as tempers flare over the apparent lack of heating. Rumour has it the army are already on their way to calm things down

11:07 – Latest overall score is Southampton 46-14 Portsmouth

11:06 – This is getting kind of predictable now, Southampton with yet another victory in Pole Dancing. Come on Portsmouth, where’s the challenge?

10:59 – The wins just keep on coming for Team Southampton, a 35 run win in Ladies Cricket to continue early dominance

10:48 – Another victory for Team Southampton, this time a 3-0 win in Women’s Volleyball

10:46 – Me and Kelsey overseeing things for the early morning shift and I must say, we do look good in face paintVarsity Selfie

10:41 – Southampton victory in Men’s Lightweight Rowing

10:39 – Full Time scores so far today are: Southampton 5-14 Portsmouth in Mixed Ultimate Frisbee / Southampton 4-0 Portsmouth in Men’s Hockey 2nds / Southampton win in Senior Women’s 2K Rowing

10:39 – Team Southampton started the day with 28-12 lead

10:39 – So the big day is finally here. Varsity 2016 will be won over the course of the next few hours and we’ll be here to keep you up to date with all the scores as they come in.