Southampton’s favourite sex position is doggy

Woof woof

Results gathered from The Soton Tab Sex Survey have revealed Southampton student’s favourite sex position is doggy style.

Out of a total 817 responses, the results show 34.4% of people that took the survey believe doggy style to be their favourite sexual position.

Sex positions


Doggy style is the clear winner with second place going to cowgirl, with just 23% of people saying it was their favourite. Meaning there is an 11.4% difference between the two most popular sexual positions.

This information interestingly disagrees with a recent study suggesting that Southampton’s favourite sexual position is spooning. In fact, spooning as a sexual position received a mere 8.1% of votes, with just 63 people putting it as their favourite position. Although this still makes it the fourth most popular sexual position amongst Southampton students.

It turns out that we are also pretty vanilla in the bedroom as the third most popular position, with 22.9% of responses, said missionary was their favourite position. This places it a mere 0.1% behind cowgirl, with a difference of just one person saying they prefer cowgirl over missionary. And so the debate of who should go on top continues.

Dog Field

Different kind of doggy

The position which came in last place was scissoring with just five responses and 0.6% of votes.

‘Other’ also received 3.9% of votes with 23 people preferring positions other than the ones listed. Some positions suggested that were not listed were ‘wheelbarrow’ and ‘peppermint bobsled’. Two very unfussy people even put that they loved ‘all of them’ equally.