Nurses have the most sex out of any course

Can you change my dressing?

It turns out that the ‘naughty nurses’ stereotype may not be completely unfounded, after data retrieved from The Soton Tab’s Sex Survey has revealed that nurses have on average, more sexual partners than other subjects.

Avg. No. Sexual partnersThrough collating the data of the 13 subjects that received the most responses it appears that nursing students have an average of nine sexual partners during their time at university.

This means that Nursing students generally have four more sexual partners than the combined overall average of five.

Law students come in a close second with an average of seven sexual partners. Two sexual partners above the average of all the subjects.

If you do Chemistry you need to get out of the lab and back in the game as you are trailing with an average of just 3 sexual partners. Can you distill an orgasm?

Despite nurses having the highest average of sexual partners, the subject that is arguably closest to them, medicine, has one of the lowest with just four.

However, no subject managed to reach the magic average of 10 sexual partners which, according to a recent study, is the ideal number of sexual partners.

Nurses don’t stop at just having the largest average either. The title of individual student to have the most sexual partners since being at university also goes to a nurse, with one person claiming to have had  63 sexual partners.

Total No. Sexual partnersThe survey also showed that English students have the largest total amount of sexual partners between them, with 213, despite only having an average of 4 partners.

Biomedical Sciences is sadly the lowest with just 104 sexual partners between them. Maybe it’s something to do with doing a science degree that stops libido. Or maybe humanities have just got too much spare shagging time on their hands.