Female lecturers at Southampton are paid over £5500 less than male counterparts

Women earn 7% less than what men in the same position do

A study conducted by the UCU has revealed that female professors at Southampton University earn just 93% compared to male professors.

It found that the average salary for a female professor is £72,910, whereas males earn £78,434 – a pay gap of over £5500.

Nationally, it was found that Southampton’s pay gap was below the average shortfall of £6,103, though it was found that the Russell Group had on average a higher pay gap when compared to non-affiliated institutions, of 16.3%.

While at 3.2%, the “gender pay gap for academic-related, professional staff is smaller than for academics”, Southampton had the fifth highest gap in the country, with women in academic-related positions earning 5.8% less than their male counterparts, a difference of £2308

The institution with the highest ranking for inequality was City University London, with a pay gap of £15,992 between male and female salaries.

The UCU said of their findings “Our colleges and universities promote equality as a core value, yet scratch beneath the surface and you find a sector bedevilled by shameful levels of inequality”

They added that employers were “failing to ensure institutions take the necessary steps to change the outcome”.

They called for Universities to commit publicly to ending any gender-related pay gap by 2020.