INTERVIEW: VP Engagement Candidate

He’s running against nobody

What made you decide to run for a Sabb position?

The obvious answer would be because I want to help improve the Union, but I also really want to focus on repairing SUSUs reputation, because it often gets a bad name that I don’t think it deserves.


Do you have a favourite point in your manifesto? 

People who know me know I enjoy a good night out, but SUSU doesn’t really provide any nightlife outside Freshers’. I really want to do a review into night time events to understand what students want from club nights and why they go to certain venues. Why couldn’t SUSU host an event every 3 or 4 weeks with a headline DJ or act that students really wanted to see? I think it really could be a game changer for the image of the Union.

What would be your main objective for this year?

I would really like to help repair the image of SUSU, make it a place that students want to engage with and see succeed. There is clearly quite a way to go before every student doesn’t have a bad word to say about the Union, but I’d really like to make a difference before my potential year in the job would be up.

What do you think is currently the weakest area of SUSU?

Following on from the last question I’d have to say it’s image. The current Brand Review is clearly going to make an amazing difference to it’s dated physical appearance, but student opinion is just as important. Some people think it is too cliquey, while some think it makes stupid and pointless decisions that have nothing to do with students, so trying to change those opinions are super important.

Are you dreading anything about the elections period?

I would have been most dreading lecture shout-outs. However, I had decided even before I submitted my manifesto that I wouldn’t do them. I am lucky to always have small lectures so have never been a target of an interruption, but I’m sure I’d find it really annoying. Everyone has already been bombarded on Facebook with election stuff, so I wouldn’t want to piss people off in their lectures.

During the elections, what would you like to be remembered for? 

So I’m running opposed, which has it’s positives obviously, but also it’s negatives. I really want people to want to vote for me because they think I’d make a good candidate and be good at the job, rather than vote for me because I’m the only option. I’m not taking anything for granted, because students aren’t stupid and will fish out a bad campaign if they see one. I’m going to work hard for every vote I can get.


If you had to describe yourself using only food-words, how would you describe yourself?

Don’t think I’ve ever been asked a question like this before, but I guess fresh, mellow and zesty. Think of that as you will!

Which British politician would you most compare yourself to?

I’m not sure I could compare myself to her, but I would love to be as great as the new SNP MP Mahairi Black. She has made some amazing speeches in Parliament and I really think she is changing that stereotype of the young politically disengaged person.

Out of the other candidates running for positions, who are you most likely to take out on a date?

I’d take Arun Aggarwal, running for Halls Officer, if I had too. I know he’s a cheap date.