Violent and Sexual Assaults in Southampton nearly doubled last year

There were 26 reports in October alone

Reports of Violent and Sexual Assaults rose by over 70 percent in 2015 compared to 2014, in new information released by Hampshire Police.

There were 211 reports of VSA’s in the Highfield, Portswood and Avenue areas, which represents a dramatically worrying increase.

There were 116 reports in Portswood alone, compared to 61 the year before, whilst the other ‘Uni of’ areas [Highfield and Avenue] saw a rise from 62 counts to 95

The figures come after Portswood police made targeting Anti-Social behaviour their main priority in the area, a position that has been renewed three times since July 2015.

Rachel, a third year student, told us: “It’s a really scary increase in the number of reports of these crimes.

“I would still say I feel safe in Portswood- the only time I would be worried is if it was late as I was by myself. Walking back through places like Bedford or along Avenue after work can be scary.

“I definitely think more could be done, we barely ever see police out on patrol and I think just an increased presence would help. The streets need better lighting as well as it is almost impossible to see on some roads.”