Livingstone Road was the most burgled street in 2015

The number of incidents rose heavily from last year

It’s a cliched stereotype that Portswood is crime-ridden, but it is doing its best to dispel the rumour and confirm it with hard evidence.

In data recently released by Hampshire police, the Soton Tab can reveal that there were 121 burglaries reported in the Portswood area alone last year, a rise from 96 the previous year.

There were 226 burglaries reported in the whole ‘Uni of Southampton’ area, comprising of Portswood, Avenue and Highfield, including Highfield Campus which reported a burglarly three times.

In 2015, Livingstone Road reported 13 burglaries, and July was the worst month with 19 reported burglaries across the area.

livingstone road portswood

Crime on Burgess Road and Portswood Road also factor in crimes that took place in shops and nightclubs.

The notorious Westridge Road parking area, locally believed to be the hideout for petty drug dealers, reported seven burglaries alone.

In total, 66 roads reported at least one crime, although it is not clear from the data whether the figures were distorted by multiple reports for one house- all nine of the crimes on Holyrood Avenue for instance occurred in January 2015.

The figures also represent a small rise in reported burglaries in the whole area, from 221 to 226.

This data also represents a change from the academic year of 2014/15, when a Soton Tab investigation revealed that Alma Road was the most burgled street in Portswood.